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“A national network of taxis with more than 2,400 professionals and 1,200 vehicles that provides services to companies and individuals,
every day, all day. “

To ensure maximum quality and professionalism, Cooptáxis has the effort, dedication and discipline of all his team, consisting of highly qualified operators with extensive experience in the management of service and dedication to the customer. The drivers are professionals with the highest level of training, holders Taxi Driver Certificate issued by official entity (Institute for Mobility and Transport – IMT, I.P.).


Move-mo us the satisfaction of our customers.
Our mission is to provide passenger service taxi with professionalism and quality, ensuring the safety of those who travel with us.
Our ambition is to achieve excellence in service, in order to provide a fast and secure service, with maximum convenience for the passenger, every day, all day!


– Innovation and Excellence;
– Quality;
– Responsibility;
– Equal Treatment;
– Efficiency and Innovation (services and processes);
– Economic and Financial Sustainability.
– Persistence, Honesty, Humility, Creativity, Cohesion and Excellence


 – Safety;
 – Competence and responsibility;
– Cooperation and Teamwork;
– Tolerance;
– Equal opportunities;
– Commitment and Value Creation.

+ 2400 Professional Drivers

All vehicles Cooptáxis fleet are easy to distinguish in the street, thanks to features tracks that exhibit, which allow to recognize them from all perspectives, facilitating their approach.


Os veículos estão equipados com sistema de pagamento com cartão de débito, de crédito ou de cliente Cooptáxis a crédito, e emitem fatura eletrónica. Os padrões de qualidade Cooptáxis exigem que as viaturas estejam equipadas com ar condicionado e sempre em ótimas condições de limpeza.


All employees receive regular training at the professional level and relationship with the passengers. They also have a safety device, which allows the location and communication with all official emergency services.

Technology and Environment

The Cooptáxis fleet is at the forefront of the future, offering the most advanced technology in the táxi.As car fleet management offer free wi-fi to customers during the trip.


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