General terms and conditions

General conditions

  1. Cooptáxis is a trademark of Autocoope- Cooperativa de Táxis de lisboa, CRL, with its headquarters in Av. Visconde Valmor, nrº30 r/c dto, 1050-240 Lisboa and NIF 500 320 462, that divulges, promotes and sells products through its website, which can be used by legitimate owners of vouchers
  2. The vouchers referred to above assume the form of online vouchers, purchasable at, with the ability to use these within Continental Portugal.
  3. The divulged and promoted vouchers by Cooptáxis include a variety of services which constantly change and get updated.
  4. The products divulged and promoted by Cooptáxis are provided by certified and qualified drivers according the terms of partnership established by themselves and Cooptáxis.
  5. Vouchers will only be considered valid once the correct payment of the same has been made. The owner of these vouchers must keep the proof of payment acquired in the Cooptáxis’ website. The activation of such voucher will be done through an informatic system in the store itself. In case Cooptáxis’ system doesn’t possess any record of the payment, it grants itself the right to not allow the execution of the service in question.
  6. Any acquisition of a voucher implies the acceptance, by the acquirer and the bearer both, of the current General Terms and Conditions, and also to the full agreement of those conditions, which will prevail over any other document possessed by the acquirer or bearer and over any other general conditions of the purchase that both the individuals recognize as not applicable- except in the case of any derogatory, written, expressed or previous agreement by Cooptáxis
  7. The information contained in the vouchers’ description, including prices, doesn’t bind Cooptáxis until the consummation of each contract.

Vouchers – Reservation/ Execution of the Services

  1. Reservations are only considered valid and definite when the bearer receives the confirmation of the services via e-mail sent by Cooptáxis
  2. In the day of execution of the service, the condition of its fulfillment is that the voucher must be shown to the driver, properly signed, and the appearance of the passenger at the time and place agreed.
  3. The bill will be provided immediately after the certificate of payment.

Vouchers – included services

  1.  Os vouchers online conferem a possibilidade de marcação e realização dos serviços divulgados ou promovidos pela Cooptáxis® – inseridos na lista online de produtos da Cooptáxis®.
  2. Online vouchers provide the possibility of booking and realizing the services divulged and promoted by Cooptáxis. – included in the online lisy of producs by Cooptáxis.
  3. In case of a voucher acquired through the means of promotional conditions, the respective acquirer/bearer can’t make any sort of trade of the product acquired.

Vouchers – Cancelling, failure to appear and unforessen events

  1. Any alteration or cancelling intended by the owner of the voucher must be made with a minimum of 48 hours previously.
    b) O cancelamento que não respeite o prazo previsto na alínea anterior implica a perda dos direitos inerentes ao voucher em causa.
  2. In case the cancelling isn’t made in the time period stated above, the owner of the voucher loses the inherent rights to that voucher..
  3. Once the reservation is made, if the owner of the voucher doesn’t make an appearence at the date, hour and place agreed without having proceeded to the cancelling or alteration of the terms stated above, they will lose the inherent rights to that voucher and also not be able to make a new reservation.
  4. Cooptáxis cannot be held accountable when, at the occurrence of any fortuitous or natural causes, it can’t realize the services purchased and booked.

Description and duration of experiences and Transport

  1. The description of each service, even if shortly, is provided in the website These descriptions might be subject to changes without previous notice (such as the alteration of their duration or their characteristics, including others).
  2. The duration of the services referred to on the website are an approximate estimation and the according price relates to the presupposed maximum duration of twelve hours, which, at the exception of transfers, when exceeded determines the charging of an additional fee.
  3. The trips (Tours and Transfers) don’t include accommodation, meals, entry fees, tour or museum guides or any expenses made at any stops.

Validity of the present Terms and Conditions

When acquiring a voucher advertised by Cooptáxis, the buyers, the bearers, and in general, the clients of Cooptáxis, declare they were conveniently communicated and informed of the current Terms and Conditions, agreeing to having complete and perfect knowledge and having fully understood its content, conditions and implications, declaring to accept, without any reservations these Terms and Conditions in all their plenitude.

The buyer/bearer of the voucher is fully responsible of such voucher even after its validation by Cooptáxis, namely of its non-usage, loss, theft or destruction, not being able to, based on such events, demand any compensation or indemnity by Cooptáxis.

Suggestions and complaints

Cooptáxis cares about your opinion. In case you have any suggestions or complaints, feel free to share them. It is of extreme importance that you give us any feedback, so that we can keep further improving our services.

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